Your Health & Safety: Intensified High Hygiene Standards with AmaWaterways

Photo: Guest dining onboard AmaWaterways

Guests Boarding Requirement

• Online health screening questionnaire prior to boarding

• Secondary validation questionnaire prior to boarding

• Refusal to comply will result in denial of boarding

Crew Boarding Requirement

• Must have certified medical clearance certificate

• Deny boarding if traveled through high risk areas within the past 21 days will be denied boarding

Food Safety

• Compliance with current food safety recommendations

• Breakfast and lunch buffets handled exclusively by our waiters

• Family style dining reverted to individual a la carte service until further notice

High Hygiene Standards

• Increased frequency of public areas cleaning

• Use of hospital grade disinfectants for daily surface cleaning public areas and staterooms

• Non essential visitors will not be allowed on board.

• Guests from other ships will be required to pass over the sun deck

Hotel Service & Nautical Teams

• In depth training on enhanced operating protocols by our Designated Sanitation Officer in consultation with international and national health authorities

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