Swiss Moments


PRIME TRAVEL and Tours Chanteclerc have become partners to propose “Swiss Moments”, offering new travel ideas. Each holiday package provides a pre-established itinerary, combining flights, hotels and trains. The Swiss Railway Network is always on time! Therefore, anywhere in the country, you’ll find it easy to get from one city to another.

When you choose your holiday package, you can decide to add overnight stays before, during or at the end of your trip. You can also rent an Avis car.

Spectacular mountain panoramas, lakes with crystal-clear water, picturesque resorts, all this can be yours!

In the following pages, you will discover the various travel options that we can offer you.

  • You would like to explore Switzerland but you don’t feel like driving? Travelling by train is the ideal way to go from one city to another, without any stress.
  • You worry about the transfers? Whether you’re landing at Zürich, Geneva or Basel airport or coming from a border country by car, transfers are included in your holiday package.
  • You’re asking yourself: “How will I get to the hotels”? Since the selected hotels are situated close to the railway stations, a short walk will take you to your hotel.
  • The proposed itineraries are too short? No problem, just book extra overnight stays before, during or at the end of your holiday package.
  • You would prefer a reversed itinerary? No problem, we can do it for you.
  • A self-drive tour is more appealing to you? We can offer you a car leasing contract with Avis or a Renault buy back plan (achat-rachat). We can also book your hotels.

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