Switzerland E-Biking

From Alpine Valleys to Snow-Capped Peaks

For most people, the first mention of Switzerland evokes its classic imagery: high snow-capped mountains, rolling green pastoral hills, wooden chalets, charming villages and bearded mountain farmers— and let’s not forget about cheese, chocolate and watches. Fortunately, this trip features all of the above. From the lakes and vineyards to the Alpine valleys and impressive mountain peaks, you’ll ride e-bikes over small, beautiful, winding and rolling roads, contrasted by changing and impressive landscape. Along the way you’ll meet some local characters, from the Alpenhorn player to the cheese farmer and the wine maker, each of whom will share a bit of their journey with yours. You will taste delicious cheese and wine and become a chocolate connoisseur as you (somewhat ironically, given the setting) forget to check your watch entirely as you indulge in the lifestyle of the Swiss Alps.

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